Public Liability is a cover for a business owner, whether a legal entity or in your personal capacity operating as a business, if you’re found to be legally liable for damages or injury to a third-party suffered through the actions of your business.

Cover Provided

We provide this cover for a vast array of businesses across sectors of the economy. Each type of business in its respective sector requires specific underwriting.

There are various extensions available, and we will gladly assist our broker in ensuring that the correct cover is provided for the needs of the Insured.

This cover is widely diverse, and we have multiple specialised products to cater to the insured’s needs.



Public Liability Claim Form

Product Liability

Although this cover is an extension under Public Liability it needs to be taken separate as it is not automatically included and need to be specifically requested.

Defective workmanship is an automatic and included cover under our Product Liability extension.

We also provide worldwide territorial limits.